Evelyne Brochu in La Marraine - 1.03  [x]


List of things straight guys have ruined:
》lesbian porn
》my little pony

Anonymous: Chocccccoooollllaaatttteeee niiiiippppllleessss

*slow motion exercise face*

In the Buffy world 20-30 years from now, would Buffy and Faith be friends, get along, would they be sick of eachother by then? Ohhhh let’s go there (x)


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Clone Club + struggling with sex

Anonymous: I have a fwb. She started seeing this guy, but we continued our benefits because it wasn't serious. She started having more dates, so I stopped it. She would always say how much fun they're having and stuff. Now, she told me that she doesn't like him and hardly talks to him anymore. She's also started to send me nude snaps again. I think she was trying to make me jealous, but realised it wasn't working. How about you?

i think if that was her motive then she’s not the kind of person you want to be with. you deserve better than someone who will mess with you like that.

the amount of women who have ruined my life by getting undercuts is ridiculous

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an incredibly clever, complex and extraordinary show, contributing to the birth of female empowerment portrayed in television and constructing positive role models for young women in particular. The show was born in a still very traditional patriarchal society, and has since created characters such as Buffy and her fellow friends and allies for female audiences to idolise and adore - “these stories give people strength”. Along with the establishment of the first long-term lesbian relationship to be seen on network television, Joss Whedon and Buffy have taken an enormous step towards equality, a necessity enabling survival in the modern day world.

buffy rewatch • ‘storyteller’


i love this blooper